iPhones of the Future Might be Powered by Samsung, LG Display Units

December 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple and Samsung might appear to be the fierce rivals, but the ice is set to might melt soon. And it’s the interest of the Cupertino-based company for OLED that might lead to an accord between the two.

According to a report that emerged Wednesday, Apple is closing in on a deal to grab the supply of display units from Samsung, with LG likely to join the board along with the South Korean manufacturer.

It will mean that the future iPhone display might boast OLED feature, courtesy of Samsung and LG.

We do stress the term future, as it seems unlikely that the next-gen display units will be jumping into the next iPhone 7, or even the iPhone 8. Going by the timeline, Apple’s iPhone 8 might debut around the second half of 2017. But a previous report from Japan insisted that Apple will have OLEDs included only the start of 2018.

Add to that the production fiasco Samsung and LG are going through, and we find no reason to believe that the Samsung-LG-iPhone partnership will effectively be reflected on the consumer end before 2017.

Currently, LG’s and Samsung’s OLED contribution flows in towards its own smartphone product range, but not to all. Striking a deal with Apple would mean that they would have to multiply their production output vastly, as iPhone alone rakes up an annual sale of around 200 million units.

The current multi-billion project undertaken by the Samsung and LG to boost its OLED production might satisfy the demand, however the timeline doesn’t appear fitting to get completed soon.

It is also interesting to note that the possible deal would add to the growing list of Apple re-considerations over the recent period. Previously, Tim Cook had given up his views on OLED displays, claiming those to be less reliable.

The view certainly appears to be changed over time, which is the reason why the much cherished Apple Watch came with the exact same display technology. Now it’s time that we see the same in their smartphone devices too. 

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