Samsung Bio-Processor Takes Fitness Tracking to a New Level in Wearables

December 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Fitness nowadays means it’s related to your sleep, heart rate and walk-spring activities. Well thank you wearable tech, that we are not bothered about anything else that’s related to fitness. But there’s one out there who cares for all the rest, and it’s none other than tech giant Samsung.

After the successful adoption of Exynos processors in their premium flagships, the South Korean manufacturer is now shifting focus to chipsets for wearable tech. As a result, they have now put a new range of processor for mass production, and it’s called Bio-Processor.

samsung bioprocessor

Samsung’s Bio-Processor is unique in the sense that it wants to do more than just the normal fitness-labelled activities of a wearable tech.

Apart from those familiar tasks, Samsung’s new processor is eyeing to further advance the wearable technology by the introduction of new capabilities like measurement of body fat, skeletal muscle mass, skin temperature, and sweat levels. It can also track your heart rhythms beside heart rate measurement.

Samsung explains that the Bio-Processor will find its place in hardware by the first half of 2016. We expect that to be on their-own new wearable device.

But Samsung wants its processors to be of use in the non-company devices as well. They have also rolled out reference design for other manufacturers.

According to the manufacturer, it’s not only the wrist wearables that can make use of Bio-Processors. However, they haven’t mentioned of whether it could be utilized in smartphones.

It seldom matters even if it doesn’t, as it was the wearable segment that requires a push with its utility features. Samsung’s Bio-Processors could exactly be the initiator for that in 2016.

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