Google Glass 2 is Real; Spotted on FCC Listing

December 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has been already rumored that the Mountain View tech behemoth would be hitting back with a revamped version of its eye wear gadget, Google Glass.

There was hardly anything that dug deep into the device prospect, apart from a patent filing and spec insights. But here’s one now that comes from the Federal Communications Commission.

A new version of the Google Glass, which is now being endeavored by Nest CEO Tony Fadell, has now been spotted in an FCC filing, revealing how the revamped eye-wear technology would look like.


Design-wise, Google Glass 2.0 appears to be bringing a major overhaul. The slimy body now gets rid of the nose bridges, and what’s apparent is that Google is roping in a bigger glass prism for the successor model. In effect, that would be bringing a better field of view with the new version of Google Glass.

The listing also reveals that Google Glass 2.0 will add 5 GHz WI-Fi support. This very own feature could be the only one that gets carried forward when the final product comes out, as images appearing in FCC needn’t always be the final render. The attire may change, but at least all stuff are real with all those Google Glass successor rumors.

Apart from these features, Google Glass 2.0 is also rumored to feature some major improvements like better water-resistant features, improved Intel processor, and a bettered battery life.

The wait now is only for an official confirmation from Google, which currently appears to be out of any apprehension.

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