Asus Smartphones to Soon Bid Goodbye to Website Ads

December 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus is putting forward one more reason for all to consider its smartphone devices in their wish list; a reason that would invoke the interests of all web-adherents in a flash.

The smartphone manufacturer is now tied up with popular ad-controlling service AdBlock, which will present the integration of the latter’s services on Asus smartphones from mid 2016.

It means that Asus has now become the first smartphone vendor to offer the services of AdBlock Plus in their devices as default. AdBlock Plus will now be featured in all of Asus’ new smartphones that will get launched in 2016.


Asus hasn’t, however, mentioned when exactly it will be rolling out smartphones with AdBlock Plus integrated as stock service.

Besides, users have already started getting an update that will have AdbBlock Plus integrated in the Android browsers of their existing Asus smartphones.

Getting to scroll through your favorite websites without ad interference is always a plus, but only from the perspective of one end.

Websites that fail to let their ads pass through the ad-filtering criteria from AdBlock Plus could be hit with a major blow.

Currently, Asus browser is used by only 15 million users, which looks a trivial figure when compared to the user-base of leading browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Analysts believe that don’t a sudden bump can’t be expected in those figure with the inclusion of AdBlock Plus.

However, it’s a move that could widen the grins of Asus owners, as stock browsers are not something which is completely left unused.

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