Apple Watch Successor will Debut alongside iPhone 6C this March

December 29, 2015, By Alex Badinici

Much has been spoken about the upcoming products from the Cupertino-based company and it has almost become clear that their next outing would either be with the Apple Watch successor or its 4-inch smartphone.

The latter led the race when it was rumored that it will be arriving next month. But now, reports indicate the duo will come out at the same event.

Apple’s next even is now reportedly suggested to be held during the month of March; a period which has remained inert for the company during the past two years.


The dates for the event are still left unclear, but it’s almost certain that the event will witness the debut of Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 6C smartphone.

Apple’s wrist companion this time is being speculated to arrive with robust features and design overhaul. The exterior is expected to get trimmed, with Apple intending to cut down the thickness of its second Apple Watch.

The hardware additions include some new sensors for fitness and sleep tracking, and a front facing camera for facetime video calls. The bracelets will now get an LED housing which will notify the users with call and message alerts.

There will also be a new Activation Lock feature that would protect your device and the data inside when it gets stolen. Apple Watch 2 will be presented with the new Watch OS 3 from Apple.

As with the iPhone 6C device, Apple will bring back the 4-inch factor to its display. The remaining facets won’t be scaled down however. The compact device will feature the new A9 processors from Apple that was packed in the previous bigger devices from Apple.

It will also be the first time since 2012 in which Apple will be holding a major launch event during the month of March. The last time they did it was with the debut of their third-gen Apple TV and Retina display-powered iPad.

Ever since, Apple followed the habit of launching their products during the second half, which is what will be shifted by the Cupertino company with these new launches.

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