WhatsApp to Get Spruced Up with Video Calls for Next Year

December 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The services of WhatsApp are indeed the most cherished ones in this entire world, obviously behind Messenger though.

The latter does take its charm on the social media platform. So if considering IM-dedicated services, WhatsApp surely would wear the crown for being the undisputed king.

But that could witness a change next year. Not that the tastes are changing with people, but Google is planning for a new messenger platform that would see chatbots take up the role of assisting its users.


And guess how WhatsApp likes to take on those; by introducing the video call feature in it.

A recent leak from German blog Macerkopf reveals that WhatsApp is mulling over a new feature in their latest update, version, that’s being currently tested internally.

A leaked image has also been published which looks like the supposed interface of the upcoming video call feature in WhatsApp.

Much has been talked about this new feature ever since it popped up in the internet world. However, we are yet to reach any conclusion, as it still remains unofficial.

WhatsApp too hasn’t given out any update regarding the video call feature. But that doesn’t imply that the possibility of video calling should be ruled out.

Although with a humongous user base of over 800 million globally, WhatsApp is facing threat these days with the advent of new off-beat features in rival apps.

It is in this background that they launched the voice calling feature, which actually did played its part in vamping up the popularity. But could the case be similar with video calling?

That’s a matter subject to much debate, as we already know that there are several others who have failed to capitalize on the feature of end-to-end video interactions.

Facebook’s own Messenger app is one which we would want to point out. Even with the service been present in the app for some time, we hardly believe that it has done any good in boosting its user base.

As with the case of video calls, services like Skype and Google Hangouts still remain the most popular ones in the market. It would be a daunting task for WhatsApp to step in to that terrain and play wonders with it.

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