LG’s Revamped WebOS Version will Grace its Smart TV Range Next Year

December 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LG has already teased the devices that will be brought up for the upcoming CES event. Monitors and Ultra TVs will dominate the space for LG at the Las Vegas expo. And now, the latter is revealed to be arriving with some extra perks.

The bundle of goodies will be arriving in a single OS package, called the WebOS version 3.0. It’s the very own OS that forms the life of modern LG TVs, but there’s plenty more to expect in the upcoming new iteration.


Over the recent period, LG has reworked its previous smartphone OS wisely to get it merged with the TV platform. However, the recent surge in set-top boxes and the accompanying user-friendly interfaces have now turned out to be the driving force for LG to raise the bar with WebOS.

One of the new supports added with the WebOS 3.0 is the ability to split screen contents, letting people watch two channels or inputs from two different sources at the same time. There will also be deeper hardware integrations like with smartphone and other home appliances.

The former can be triggered with the new Magic Mobile feature, which lets your smartphone content to be projected to your TV display.

Integration with other smart home devices for your internet of things circle can be made possible through the new IoTV app.

Besides, LG’s latest WebOS version also arrives with other noticeable features like streaming from LG Music Player app with screen turned off, additional zooming of screen segments without compromising the quality, and extra remote control features compatible with DVR and set-top boxes.

LG will be presenting its new WebOS in the Ultra HD TVs that will debut in CES, and will be later expanded to most of its TV units by next year.

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