BlackBerry’s Next Android Device Might Arrive Next Year

December 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The launch of BlackBerry Priv was akin to a last-ditch effort from the Canadian company as it aimed at resurrecting its smartphone business in courtesy of Android OS. Apparently, it seems like they have hit the bull’s eye, as reports now suggest that they are rushing with the work on the next Android device.

Accordingly, the next Android smartphone from BlackBerry has now got chances to get launched in 2016.


It can be expected that the new device will be boasting some mid / high end features. BlackBerry is also eyeing to harvest more as the device is likely to arrive with its prices slashed from its predecessors.

That appears imminent too; the $700 pecking price-point for Priv is widely deemed high, and they wouldn’t want to upset the waiting ones by not letting the price go down amidst heavy competition.

As with the upcoming device, company CEO John Chen revealed in a Bloomberg interview that the work is in progress, along with which he added that the device will be come with a more attractive price. It’s the indication that there will be a slashing of the high end features too, assuming that the next device would just stand above the mid-range segment.

Throwing a mid-range device would barely invoke the interest of every smartphone lovers, but for BlackBerry it could the real upheaval. Priv, which was the flagship device, has been the real saviour for the company and has helped in raising the company revenue to $548 million, tallying a rise of nearly 12% from previous quarter. Those numbers would only be doubling up if they can manage to charge the throttle with the next successor device.



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