Sony Wants to Improve Battery Efficiency by 40% in 2020

December 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen many battery innovations coming from multiple battery giants like Apple, Samsung, LG, and the like. However, Sony seemed to have been going slow all the while. But new reports suggest that it could just be the silence before the storm.

According to a report from Nikkei, the Japanese manufacturer is mooting the development of a new battery technology that could bring a new revolution in smartphone batteries.

Sony Battery

The company is planning to alter the chemical composition of the currently used lithium-ion battery, thus by bringing in an improvement of 40% efficiency.

What Sony is mooting for is to replace the lithium cobalt oxide component in the current-day batteries with a new sulfur-charged electrolyte solution.

Potentially, this tweak would let the manufacturers bring noticeable extra life to the battery, from 700Wh/L to 1,000Wh/L. It would also help them in making the batteries compact without compromising its capacity and life.

The idea of a sulfur-powered battery was never deemed pragmatic before due to its attribute of capacity-loss over persistent charging. However, Sony here manages to wipe that out with their new electrolyte solution.

These batteries won’t be coming soon though. Sony is eyeing for a commercial breakthrough of its new batteries only 2020. The period in between will be used by Sony to conduct various tests to ensure that its new battery will be safe for mass production.

That’s a long time from now, and chances of the new battery not taking its flight can’t be ruled out. But still, we can’t rule out the technology either.

Back during the early 90s, it was Sony who first brought out the commercial Li-Ion batteries, which now forms the life of almost all handy devices in this era. So if all goes well, we might be witnessing yet another battery breakaway from the house of Sony.

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