Biometric Log-in Now Possible on all Windows 10 Laptops; Thanks to Tobii

December 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are so many out there looking forward to switch to Windows 10. And, most of them must be thinking of embracing the upgrade via a new laptop.

They do know what they will be missing out if they decide to upgrade their existing one –  Windows Hello feature.

But wait before you make the move; your old machines might not be that bad either. A new add-on would do the trick for your laptops and PCs to activate the Windows Hello feature, and the accompanying biometric unlocking feature. All hail Tobii.


The Swedish manufacturer’s new EyeX controller device is the one that has emerged as the new star.  It’s not a first of its kind device. But at least it’s the first third-party offering that supports biometric unlocking using the Windows Hello feature in Windows 10.

Tobii EyeX comes in the shape of a bar and in a sleek design, which makes it easier to fix it atop any laptops or monitors. But adding biometrics comes at a hefty price; the eye tracker is priced at $140. But if you find the heavy pricing standing as the barrier, here are some other stunning features Tobii offers to justify the worth.

The EyeX is not solely dedicated for biometric unlocking. Instead, it tracks your eyeballs whenever required, finding its scope in other applications like gaming. It can also save some power for you by turning off your monitor when you are not looking at it. All these can be carried in almost any of the lighting conditions in which your device is placed.

Apart from EyeX devices, Windows Hello support is also available on Tobii SteelSeries Sentry devices, both which are made under the IS3 platform from Tobii.

It will also be available in the newly announced IS4 platform, which comes with Tobii EyeChip.

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