Microsoft Dialer Android-exclusive App Comes with Caller Identification Features

October 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s new app, Dialer, surfaced on headlines last week, and the initial impression was that it would be a normal voice calling app.

But it has now turned out that the app has got multiple functionalities rather than just offer Skype-based voice calling.

Reportedly, the Microsoft’s Dialer app, which is currently in its test phase, is being developed as a default dialler app. Users can grant the app default permissions to Dialer for replacing their stock diallers or aftermarket ones.


With that said, Dialler no longer is surmised an app that offers calling functions only to the app-owners. But users with the app can still have the free calls, which they can carry out using their 2G or 3G networks.

Moreover, the latest big addition that’s being revealed about Dialer app is that it will be integrating caller identification features in it, like True Caller.

At this moment, we can’t say whether it will be from user data collections or an in-built database.

The latter would sound a bit bleak, yet you can’t rule out the possibility given the recent researches they have been undergoing.

Besides popping up the caller name during unknown calls, Dialer will also provide other relevant details like contact numbers of nearby places, restaurants, and utility centres.

Users will also be able to identify spam calls, and we hope there will be features like call blocking coming alongside.

Developed by Microsoft’s own Skype team, the app will brought about to the Android markets by the initial weeks of December, exclusively for the Indian market.

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