Blocks Modular Smartwatch Stealing the Spotlight on Kickstarter

October 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have already seen modular technology stepping into the smartphone world, letting us decide what to put to use. The same technology is now heading for the smartwatch terrain.

A  London-based start-up has now launched a new modular smartwatch in Kickstarter, with which users can decide what to have and what not.

It’s called Blocks, and it sounds the right name as you can build your own smartwatch in a block-wise construction manner.


Packing a 1.35-inch round display, Blocks smartwatch features a pixel resolution of 360×360. Inside it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset that comes paired with a RAM of 512MB.

In-built storage is 4GB, and the battery capacity is 400 mAh. All these comprise a decent build for a wrist wearable. But like we said before, the USP of the device lies in its modular flexibility.


The base version of the Blocks smartwatches brings all those essential components you require in a smartwatch; phone notifications, activity tracking, voice control, haptic feedback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. But to get more means you need to start forging it up yourself.

An extra module here adds the remaining features like heart rate monitoring, GPS support, NFC support and the like. There’s also an option to improve the running life of your device by tapping in an extra battery.

There’s even more you can get if you are willing to pay more, and that includes other tracking and measurement features like temperature, pressure and altitude measurement.

Currently, Blocks is being readied for shipping during the mid-half of next year. So there’s no way you can build your modules this year.

The first batch of shipment will be dispatched for early backers; putting an order now means that your wait might get further extended.

Head now for its Kickstarter campaign where you can grab a base piece and a strap for a pledging of $195. Extra modules are available from $90 and up.

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