Adobe Overhauls Cloud Functionality with Dropbox Integration

October 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe, in recent times, had been in the news for its continuous evolution with cloud-based services. After having offered rich cloud based support for its portable editing platforms, Adobe is now bringing the same to its PDF services.

It comes with help from Dropbox, one of the most cherished cloud platforms among the user base.

The new tie up between Adobe and Dropbox thus means that each of the platforms will now offer a mutual bridge that aims to enrich the cloud document editing for users.  


Acrobat PDF users can now link their Dropbox account with the Adobe account, letting you view and edit your cloud PDF files without any hassle.

The same has been induced in the Dropbox services, where users will get the option of having files opened with Adobe Acrobat.

As of now the services are being rolled out for the desktop editions, but Adobe and Dropbox have got the word that the feature will hit iOS platforms next month. That makes sense; having a bridge between your Dropbox files and Adobe Acrobat seems more required in mobile platforms, as no longer will you need to jump between apps to have it completed. Android users won’t be missing out on this feature, but they will have to wait till next year.

Besides the Dropbox integration, Adobe has also unveiled the new electronic signature management feature in their Document Cloud services. It arrives with a drag and drop system that makes the e-signature management easier.

Moreover, it has also got the support for chip-based digital signatures, hurling the services to be ahead of the remaining providers.

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