L16 Camera Can Take on DSLRs

October 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A few years back, point-and-shoot cameras used to be at a crazy high peak of popularity. But with the stepping-in of smartphone cameras, the choice was widely split between smartphones for casual photography, and DSLRs for professional ones. The gap  between the two is well defined by the difference in quality, and the pricing .

But now arrives Light, a photographic start-up that decides to bridge this gap. And the result is a new compact camera called L16 with a point-and-shoot form factor, yet with DSLR-defying image qualities.

It’s not bigger than a 5-inched smartphone, and comes with a thickness less than that of the current point-and-shoot devices.


But the compact design doesn’t reflect what it offers inside. Coming under the hood is an array of 16 individual lenses with various focal lengths of 35mm, 70mm and 150mm, combining to give an output that matches DSLR images with its 52MP quality.

So why have 16 lenses inside? That’s how it does the real DSLR work. Each individual sensors inside are designed to capture photos at various focal lengths, a way which lets the device capture more of the image depth with a single snap.

The post-processing within the device mashes up all these images to produce stunning imageries and even videos of 4K resolution. You can also involve your hand in the post-processing works to enhance the depth of field, focus and exposure.


What this technology has put forward is definitely a mix of DSLR images in compact cameras, which may be even roped in by the smartphone manufacturers in the near future.

However, don’t expect L16 to bridge the gap in terms of its pricing. Grabbing a piece of this compact DSLR will cost you $1,299, and that too if you pre- order the device within November 6th. The prices will go up to $1699 once it starts its shipping during summer 2016.

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