Google Expands App Indexing on iOS with Safari Integration

October 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Having app contents on your search result window is no more confined to Google Chrome. Making use of the iOS 9 standards, Google has now announced that app contents can also be displayed by using Google Search on your Safari browsers.

With new improved integration, Google search can now trigger the app indexing on Safari, which will help users scroll through their smartphone apps in Google search result window.


App Indexing was initiated on Android OS right from its early days, but was introduced to the iOS ecosystem only during May this year.

However, the feature remained accessible only through Google Chrome browser, until this month, where Google has announced the compatibility with Safari browser.

The integration has been made possible by making its current iOS App Indexing compatible with HTTP deep link standards that are used in iOS 9.

But besides, App Indexing will also require developers to provide universal links for their iOS apps in the app stores, which can be later integrated to the SDK of App Indexing. Google has also mentioned that the upgradation will pull the wires off all further iOS7 and iOS 8 integrations.

Although with the feature being announced, Google pinpoints that it would be active only after the mid of October, probably a time gap provided for the developers to make use of the new integration.

The full-fledged display of app contents can be expected on Safari browsers before the end of this month.

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