Twitter Moments to Keep You in Tune with News Events

October 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is not the social media network that has got high marks when compared with the rival behemoths. Identifying this, they have been evolving over time to keep their current users ticking all the time, and to lure new ones into the short-message world of tweets. The latest feature from the Twitter developers arrives with this goal.

It’s called Moments, and it’s an instant ride of all the moments captured from around the world.

A curator tab, an editor’s eye, a news feed; you can call it whatever you want. All it does is to get you into the middle of a new tab, from where you can keep up with the pace of the lively news happening around you.


It sounds exactly like the codenamed Project Lighting services; having access to the world around you with an instant push of a button, which is placed right next to your notification button.

It’s got the lightning icon too, which makes an improved Project Lightning feature from Twitter.

One highlight of the new feature is that live tweets from around the world can be accessed without having to follow those accounts. They are supposed to be handpicked tweets based on what’s happening around at that moment. They can be on sports, politics, entertainment or anything, which is raking up the news feed in that very moment.

You also have the option to follow a particular moment. Like say there’s a live commentary of sports, just start following the event and you won’t be missing any new update related with that event.

There are other features too, including gesture controlled actions for all the mentions. You can see them all here in the official post.

The services are gradually being rolled out to all the app formats of Twitter including Android and iOS versions. So do keep an eye on the new lightning button in case you don’t want to miss out on the moments around you.

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