Philips Hue Bridge Variant Unveiled with Siri Support

October 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Finally, Philips is having its integration with Apple. The Hue range of smart bulb devices from Philips will now offer full support for Apple Siri, provided that you are ready to replace your existing Bridge with the new one.

Philips have now unveiled a new version 2.0 Bridge that’s capable of taking the full control of Apple’s Homekit framework, providing the perfect sync between your Hue smart bulbs and Apple Siri.


Integration to Homekit feature also offers other perks for the users other than Siri integration.

They can also integrate the various Homekit integrated controls with Philips Hue so that you could have a near completion of what automation means.

It means that you could now have your Hue bulbs turned on right when you open the garage.

That’s possible only when you use the Homekit support. Else, you are left with only the Siri integration. Yet, it sounds like a better upgrade than it was before.

Also, you can sure expect further Homekit upgrade from Philips Bridge if you have an eye on the future.

There’s no compatibility issue either; Philips’ new Bridge 2.0 will work with all existing Hue bulbs without any need of upgrades.

However, upgrading your Hue bulbs does have its own perks. The new Hue bulbs arrive with lumen intensity of 800, while the former never gets rated above 650 lumens.

Version 2.0 of the new Philips Hue Bridge devices are priced at $60, and Philips is also offering a good value for your existing Hue bridges in case you are willing for the update.

The latest version of the Hue Bridge can be purchased at $40 if you decide to trade your former Bridge devices.

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