Microsoft Unveils its First Essential Laptop – Surface Book

October 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The big Microsoft event has just taken place. And just like we expected, we now have a big bundle of new devices, which can also be viewed as the most advanced ones in their segment.

The one that validates this statement the most is the new, unexpected entry –  the Surface Book.

Believe us, it’s a laptop. Yes, a laptop from Microsoft finally. Back when the name Surface first emerged, we thought it to be the move of the company to compete within the laptop segment.


But it took years of Surface permutations for them to finally convert that belief into reality.

With the Surface Book, we can essentially say that Microsoft is stepping in to the laptop segment with a bang.

Forget what’s running inside, the build alone is something that can keep your eye glued for hours; all thanks to the new hinge design, which Microsoft calls a dynamic fulcrum hinge.

With this, Microsoft has indeed enhanced its visual appeal, but besides, they can also now have the laptop screens stretched to the back, making it fold over the rear side of your keyboard part.

Microsoft is releasing the Surface Book with a screen size of 13.5-inches. There are no bigger variants, and there’s a reason. The Surface Book is a hybrid one, with which you can detach the screen from its laptop part and work as an individual tablet.

But we have had enough of those hybrid and Surface tablet stuff. So let’s just get wowed with the laptop segment. Under the hood, the Surface Book features an i5 processor with a 128GB SSD drive. But that’s for the base version, priced at $1499.

You can clock these specs with an i7 processor and up to 512GB of SSD storage, which will have its pricing increased by $1200.

Besides, there’s also a dedicated Nvidia GPU running inside. Unfortunately, they won’t be put into action when used in tablet mode.

But obviously, the Intel chipset graphics would be more than enough for you to power your tablet-based app visuals.

The rival here is the Macbook Pro from Apple. And with what was shown at the event, Microsoft’s latest offering will work at double the speed of Apple’s Macbook Pro.


Surface Book is not the only device with which they have used the Apple references. The new Microsoft Surface 4 Pro device claims to be at least 50% faster than the one from Apple.

Apart from the Surface devices, Microsoft has also upped the curtains for its long anticipated Windows 10 flagship Lumia 950, and a new version 2.0 of its fitness based Microsoft Band. Besides, the HoloLens project has also now been lit up.

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