Ad Blocker on iOS Doubles Browsing Speed

October 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Of the few perks that came descending on the iOS devices with the iOS 9 update, Ad Blocker was in a true sense the most anticipated.

Having arriving for the Apple devices for the first time, the services were to cripple down the ad views on browsers like Safari.

But it’s not just here to unplug the ads, but it has been now found that the app is also handy for doubling up your browsing speeds, which in effect can save both time and money for iOS users.

After having topped the top-paid charts within a few weeks of unveiling, it was the New York Times who decided to give it a go with the new ad block services to find out the overall effectiveness.


More than 50 top sites were picked by the testers to be involved in an endless loop test to monitor the data and battery consumption. It was carried out using custom iPhone app, with both the ad blockers turned on and turned off. Data sizes of all those websites were gathered before they got into the test phase.

Quite surprisingly, with the switching on of Ad Blocker, it was found out that ad-rich websites were loaded in quick time, than on normal browsers.

Another highlight was with the data consumption it dealt with, bringing down the overall data size to even half for some of the websites they pulled in for the test.

Analyst Brian X Chen  noted that this noticeable curb down of data size could only improve the battery life of iPhones when put to play effectively.

Although with such a big impact on data browsing, ad blockers are still viewed as a snag for the online media by some, citing the lesser flow of income from online ads.

Whether that can raise the voices or not, iOS ad blockers are doing their job pretty fine, and are sure bringing merry to iPhone and iPad users at the moment.

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