Skype for iOS Adds Split-Screen Multitasking and Quick Reply Features

October 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s another app that has decided to thrive on the recent iOS 9 features. After having updated its services for Android, Mac and PCs, Skype is now reaching out for the iOS users.

With the new 6.3 update, Skype is joining the growing list of apps that exploits the split-screen feature in iOS 9.

With the new update installed, iPad users can now access both Split View feature as well as Slide Over feature using the Skype app. The former functions to provide split-screen multitasking for iPad users and can be kept alive continuously to switch between apps without jumping from Skype.


The feature works for accessing instant links, sharing of locations and media, text copying and many more. It follows the update offered by Skype to add Split View in El Capitan for Mac devices.

Skype for iPad also makes use of the Slide Over feature, which lets users peek into another app simultaneously without exiting the running app.

In short, it’s a temporary form of the split-screen multitasking which can be accessed from Skype, and also, for Skype. The services can be accessed on iPad Air 2, Mini 4, and also on the upcoming iPad Pro.

The overall package of the update also improves some of the basic features in both iPads, as well as iPhones. One feature is the new quick-reply feature which lets users reply to Skype conversations via notification panel.

Besides, Skype is also now integrated with Spotlight so that you can browse through Skype contacts in your search result displays.

Skype has been digging through the update not just for iOS devices. Recently, they have also updated Skype for Windows with in-built Skype Translator services.

It has also updated the Android version, which now comes with support for Android Wear smartwatches, letting users to reply and access notifications right through their wrist gadgets.

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