Tesla Robotic Charger that Hunts for Charging Slots is Amazing Tech

August 13, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Last December, Tesla CEO took the internet world on a spin with his tweet that hinted at a new automatic robotic charger under development for Tesla cars. With not even a year having completed since the revelation, Tesla has now managed to evolve the dream into a reality.

On Thursday, Tesla Motors presented their new automatic snake-robotic charger via Twitter and YouTube, posting a 30-odd second video that showcased the new innovation.

With a metal cladded body that resembles snake scales, the charger has been designed to find its way by itself, so that it could couple with the charging ports with zero-aid from humans. The video demonstrates the path-seeking skills of the snake charger, which effortlessly flexes its body to lodge itself inside the rear charging slot of a Tesla Model S.

Although with the technology promises to ease the daily lives, it has still put the social networking minds in different minds, like it was when Elon Musk decided to spill the beans earlier.

Many view the innovation as a not-so-cool idea, with some even finding the snaky charger a bit creepy. Some even fear that it would only spark the robotic evolution that would stand against the human race.

Obviously, most of them have managed to find the tone of humor. And as far as the automotive geeks are concerned, they are only finding a good deal of promise in it .

Prospects are high for garages having a space reserved for this charging technology, so that owners could drop all the concerns of juicing up their Tesla EVs. It also now needs to be seen how the rest of the EV manufacturers would respond to this new charging masterpiece.

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