iOS 9 Third Beta is Up and Running; Here’s What to Expect

August 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The next iteration of iOS is considered big by Apple. They are forcing out every measure to pip out even the least discernable bugs and glitches out from the OS.

We have already witnessed two public beta versions of iOS 9 getting life already. Now, Apple has geared up the OS for the third time in the public beta phase.

The key is yet again to provide a seamless interface experience, along with which they are also planning to the bid goodbye to app crashes.


The new beta version features minimal such occurrences as pointed out by geeks with the News app.

Besides these performance upgrades, Apple is also taking notes on improving the interface. The keyboard tweaks are clearly visible in the new shift, backspace and delete buttons. The shuffle button also gets a leg-up in the My Music app, and is now displayed on top when in Song, Album, or Genre view. Apple has also provided a space for regulatory information under the General tab in Settings.

Among all the interface tweaks, what looks most appealing is the new bunch of wallpapers introduced by Apple. Some of the older wallpapers have now been replaced with some catchy images of planets, flowers, plants and many more.

The public beta version has also been put parallel to the fifth beta of iOS for developers. The version features the option to make voice calls on AT&T network.


However, works to place the call is still in progress, and turning on the option would only display a message that reads that the feature is not yet ready.

Besides these, Apple has also upgraded the Handsoff option and other features like CarPlay, and Siri, which now brings forward a slightly tweaked Suggestions interface.

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