Siri to Welcome 2016 with Feature for Handling Voicemails

August 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Often, the service of voicemail is regarded a nuisance due to the hectic process involved to fetch the audio note left by the caller.

But still there are many, especially from the class of veteran mobile users, who prefer the telecom way of handling a missed call.

Now, Apple’s personal assistant is eyeing to poise the comfort between its old-gen and young-gen users.

White iphone 4s using siri

Siri, the voice automated personal assistant in Apple devices, is about to bring a new feature that will let you handle the voicemails in a new fashion, and that’s by transcribing the messages for you.

Ripping the telecom format of guiding you to listen to the voicemails, Apple’s Siri will set up integration with iCloud services, which will have the voice messages transcribed in text formats.

Instead of being welcomed with the voicemail service of your telecom, callers will be requested to record the message via Siri, which after integrating with the iCloud services will pop-up the voicemail in form of text messages to the user.

It also means users will have to be actively subscribed to iCloud services if to avail the text transcription.

The move can also be envisioned as the entry of Apple as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Despite having rumors of the Cupertino Company having talks with carrier providers, the move is believed by many to be never coming out of the pre-alpha stage.

The new voicemail setup is however mooting its possibility. Apple is expected to roll out the new feature in Siri by early 2016.

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