Graava Action Cam Trims Videos Automatically to Suit Your Taste

August 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have often bumped into occasions where we feel the necessity of an automatic selection of lengthy videos. This necessity is high in the case of action cams, where the real action might take place sporadically in your hour-long videos.

It is in such cases where this new action cam named Graava could come in handy.

Graava is a decenty-built action cam. Besides, there is an app that accompanies the device to ease your trim-works. Using this feature, users could thread the wanted clips from their hour-long videos automatically.


It’s not necessary that the algorithm used by the app will be picking the exact clips you desire. That’s why there is an option to re-edit the video with your preferred clip through a drag-drop method. There’s also a cloud subscription available which will let you merge the videos from not just a single Graava, but from multiple devices.

The action cam unit of Graava can also record Full HD videos at 30fps. In case you bothered about the battery consumption, you could always switch to the 720p mode which will shoot videos at 60fps.


Besides, it’s also packed with accelerometers, gyro sensor, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and can even fetch your heart-rates from other wearable devices including Apple Watch.

The device is now running a limited-period pre-order offer during which it will be available for the price of US$249. The pricing is expected to go $150 up from September 1. The shipping of the device is expected to commence on February, 2016.

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