Tips to Make Sure Your Android Runs Safe and Secure

August 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

By now, you might have heard of the recent Stagefright vulnerability that’s letting hackers to peep in to your Android devices using multimedia messages. Thankfully, Google is addressing the issue and is rolling out patches to ensure any such mishap.

But, you would have to wait a bit, as Google’s fixes won’t be arriving in your smartphones directly. It would only be up to your smartphone vendors to decide when to roll out the latest software upgrade, which would provide the patchworks along with it.


But sure there are ways to make sure that your device stays out off the reach of malicious hackers, so just take a chill pill. As mentioned earlier, the Stagefright- a service in charge of the multimedia files- is open to only threats from multimedia messages, and a few tweaks and checks with those will let you skip the peril of being attacked.

The first thing is to ensure that you have got the auto-download and auto-retrieval features turned off on your messaging app. Apparently, this doesn’t apply for text messages, and neither is there any vulnerability as of now with the text messages.

But the thing to assure is that your smartphone is not fed with whatever is being thrown at it. In case if you don’t find any settings to turn it off, then it’s better you switch to a better messaging app like Google Messenger .

The next priority must be to stop Google Hangouts on your devices. Check on the app settings from where you could stop the services. Since Google Hangouts process the media files automatically in the background once received, it’s better you stay away from the Hangouts app unless you are treated with the latest update that solves the part.

The last and most important thing to be checked is to stay off anonymous multimedia messages. Retrieve only those messages that are sent from the ones in your contacts, and make sure you don’t respond to links and other files.

As folks at AZCentral says, these measures would make sure you don’t let slip your smartphone data into the hands of someone else.

The above measures will do for the time being, but make sure you get the latest update from your vendor the moment it pops-up on your device.

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