Spam Menace Plummets, Says Symantec

July 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every month, security analysts of Symantec Security Responses come up with a report on cyber threats, covering the malware threats and spam mails flooding the inboxes.

Their latest report of the month of June has now turned to be a rather delightful.

The report says that the overall spam rate has come down to below 50% for the month of June. The significance of this fall can be highlighted when being recalled that the last time a below-50 drop occurred was during 2013, in the month of September.


The overall spam rate for the month of June stands precisely at 49.7%, while it was 51.5% during the month of May, which itself lies below the 52.1% spam rating for the month of April.

Reason for the decline still remains up in the air, as the figures have always been reciprocating up and down over these years.   Some believe it is the change in mindset of hackers that seek out for other fraudulent activities as the factor.

Those beliefs are only fostered with the Symantec report, which also shows a hike in daybreaks of new malware threats.

The report says that the figure for new malware creation stands at 57.1 million for the month of June. The month of May witnessed a total of 44.5 million malware threats being created, which was a big jump from the 29.2 million malware created during the month of April.

This is not the case affiliated only with malware. Symantec reports a big jump also in ransomware attacks, which now stands at the highest rate in 2015. So to sum up, checking our mails in the future may give us a broader grin, only to let it go thinking of the genesis with modern scamming modes.

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