Geeksphone Pulls the Plug off its Smartphone Business

July 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As a customer, you often have felt the necessity of more intriguing features in smartphones, those which embrace the boundaries of innovations.

It’s not any different with the manufacturers either. But it’s only with the progress of time they realize that blooming of such innovations becomes twitched in the teeming markets of smartphone industry.

Geeksphone Peak with Firefox OS

The end result is never fruitful for the vendors, the latest example of which can be witnessed with the case of Spanish manufacturers Geeksphone.

Launched back in 2009, the company had its own ups and downs, but had managed to mark some noticeable landmark on their way. But the recent news is that they will soon be abandoning their smartphone venture.

The ditching of their smartphone segment will however be opening up new possibilities as the company is now getting rebranded as Geeksme, one dedicated to the wearable segment. The first of the product to be rolled out will be a wristband, which will focus on the health tracking activities.

The company will still be providing customer technical support for Geeksphone devices, and will still have their multi-OS platforms served to developers, a measure to poise the development of community along with open-sourcing.

The company has also sent out a communication of gratitude to their customers and supporters in a statement released by co-founder Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, which also explains the difficulty of its survival due to contrasting philosophies.

Geeksphone had released six smartphones overall during their five-year tenure in the smartphone market. Besides, they have also managed to achieve some smartphone milestones, like being the first European brand to roll out an Android-run device commercially.

Geeksphone also gained a name by rolling out developer smartphones that run Firefox OS, including devices like Peak, one of the first to embrace Firefox OS.

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