Google Glasses Next Iteration to Arrive as Enterprise Edition

July 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It wasn’t just us who thought that Google made a complete mess with the initial venture of their eye wearable.

During its commercial entry, the device got backfired with some disapproval over its pricing, as well as its underwhelming charm.

But as it appears, Google is addressing the drawbacks of its prime effort, with what appears to be the version 2.0 of Google Glass.

The speculated device has now appeared for FCC rating, seeking permissions for its wireless radiations. Coded as GG1, the device has got a hike in terms of its spec-sheet with the addition of Wi-Fi, 5 GHz support, as well as Bluetooth LE.

google glass

Presumably, all these might be lighting up the video streaming possibilities in Google Glass 2. And with that included, Google would find no fault in pitching the devices to enterprises rather than to the mainstream users.

The report from 9to5Google contains wordings of some insiders explaining that the device is currently being codenamed Enterprise Edition inside the company perimeters.

Previous edition of the Glasses were named Google Glass Explorer Edition (XE). Interestingly, the new EE codenamed device is also billed as a hardware-vamped up device, rather than a version 2.0.

Google Glass prototypes have been long discussed among the tech-world, with some even revealing the prototypes they assembled. But none among them were bound towards the FCC listing.

Now with their new hardware making it to the listing, it can be believed that Google would soon be entering the test works for its new hardware.

The listing also describes a public debut of the GG1 device on December 28th, before which we could come to know whether this device would really be the successor to Google Glass.

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