Bounce Imaging Explore is a Roly-Poly Camera that Would Lead the Way in Rescue Operations

July 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

“Fire in the ho..! Pardon me! Image in the hole” Probably this could be what future rescuers may be yelling out. No, that’s not because they are camera-maniacs.

It’s just that there’s a new bouncing camera technology marching on to the field of rescue and tactical operations.

Brains at Bounce Imaging are bringing about a tactical throwable camera, called the Explorer; what could be the future replacement for flash bang breaches in rescue and tactical operations.


It’s nothing more than a rubber sphere with a size half that of a grenade, but offering a better leeway for first responders in exploring unknown and dangerous rooms.

Inside the rubber shell is an amalgam of six cameras, offering a combined 360 degree panoramic view of the environment around.

Officers and rescuers could toss this orb-cam just like they would with flash bangs. A remote activation would transmit the images captured to smartphones or tablets, Android as well as iOS, on real-time basis.

Camera breaches by rescuers and officers usually depend on fiber-optic technology, which comes at quite massive prices, thus hindering many rescue operations.

One among such instance was during the post-Haiti earthquake rescue operations, following which Francisco Aguilar, the leading force at Bounce Imaging, struck with an idea of a ball camera.

Explorer is not the first of cameras to arrive in a round and bouncy form. But it sure is the first to be dedicated for rescue operations. It comes for $2500  if it is to illuminate the rooms using infrared, and $1500 for normal LED lighting.

Accessories available along with it include a $20-priced Pole Attachment, $30-priced tethering wires, and a $40-priced vehicle charger.

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