Master Card Soon to Oust Secure Codes with Face Recognition

July 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Click a selfie please!  In case you are a Master Card user, this might soon be a plea from your service provider.

No, don’t think they are running a selfie contest out there. In fact, they are seeking out to the new age technologies for authorizing transactions.

In a bid to rein fraudulent activities upon online purchases, Master Card will soon be shifting to technologies like face recognition and fingerprint recognition so as to complete cash transactions.


Experiment trials with biometric testing will get started by next month, as Master Card plans working with over 500 participants.

In order to show up the face or fingers for authorization, users are required to download the MasterCard app, which will squeeze in to ask for your biometric detail before you are done with transactions upon purchases.

Users could opt in for the required method of authorization; either by facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

The latter requires dedicated sensors in user smartphones though, making it presumable that the focus will be on the former method of recognition.

They will also be required to blink once while opting for facial recognition; a measure that aims to bridle fraudulent activities like showing up the image of a user.

Currently, Master Card authorizes transactions on the basis of Secure Code, a password setup that demands the input of a secret code before the transaction is confirmed.

With the new technology, Master Card also assures to do away with the worries for your picture data being stored on other devices. Instead of having the full image saved, Master Card will make use of algorithms to carry out the face detections.

They are also tying up with the big names of smartphone industry like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung to set the technology to action. Besides, they are also planning to come up with voice recognition and heartbeat recognition technologies.

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