Casio Smartwatch Foray  Likely  by Early 2016

July 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Casio has left us confounded, never giving us the answer as to why they had abstained themselves from stepping in to the world of smartwatches.

Though not much into the Smart arena, Casio  stands out as a prominent maker if not ‘the’ prominent one, by manifesting the powers of wrist wearables beyond just showcasing time.

Anyway, the company has now made up its mind to quash this perplex among users, as they are coming up with their first batch of smartwatch devices.


Kazuo Kashio, CEO of Casio, has been quoted as saying that they would be entering the smartphone fray by the early months of 2016.

Their gadgets however won’t be boasting any state-of-the-art technologies, but rather would be packed with a solid built, which at the same time would make the users feel comfy.

Previously, Casio had rolled out watches that had Bluetooth support to feature call alerts, music playback control and other minimal smartphone access via their watches.

But this would be the first time they will step down to offer a dedicated smart functioning in their watches.

Rather than pitching it out to a luxurious segment, Casio will bring these watches under an affordable segment of $400, a bit higher than the cheapest offering from Apple Watch.

With a durable design, these watches will match the interest of those pursuing outdoor sports activities, as well as those seeking watches for leisure activities.

The initial aim for the smartwatches will be to gross $80 million, following which the segment will be expanded for further achievements. However, no word is out regarding the tech-specs, or about the OS.

It still needs to be seen whether Casio will rope in Android Wear OS for their upcoming venture.

The devices are currently planned to be launched during March, 2016 to the markets of the US and Japan initially.

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