Olympus Air Debuts with Interchangeable Lenses;  Wireless Camera Mount for Smartphones

July 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There was a time when we used to find multi-LED flashlights to be the best add-ons in a smart phone.

At this point of time, it’s like we have an entire mirror less camera available as an add-on for smartphones.

Ignited by Sony, the idea is now gradually being picked up by the rest, with the latest to offer their piece being Olympus.

olympus air

Olympus Air is the newly announced device that wants to grab hold of your smartphones, to work in tandem for some brushed up photographic sessions.

Basically it’s a camera mount for your smartphones, or rather a lens mount. And that’s where Olympus has managed to raise the bars from its competitors.

The Olympus Air wireless mount lets users to swap between various Olympus lenses, and is not limited in support like we have seen with DxO.

Lenses made for Olympus PEN-series mirror-less cameras, as well as the Panasonic G-series mirror-less models can be currently retrofitted with these mounts.

Accompanying the mount is an app named Olympus Air Central, which can be used to handle the tricks once it gets synced with the mount via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

olympus air2

It’s not necessary that you keep your smartphones physically in contact with these, and that makes it compatible even with tablets that run Android or iOS.

Shooting mode and other features can be selected from Mode on the app, which will also let you adjust shutter and aperture settings, ISO, and resolution.

In effect, the device is said to offer the performance of a mid-range mirror-less camera. However, features like built-in image stabilization and sensor cleaning will sure be missed.

Olympus Air will be shipped at a cost of $300 if you prefer to have it without the lenses. The addition of a 14-42mm lens along with the bundle will cost you $500 in total.

A bit pricey, but smartphone camera mounts are currently not a cheap affair.

And if you tend to compare with the smartphone cameras, it sure will leave you satisfied for the amount you pay.

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