iTunes Update Hints at iPods that Don New Colors

July 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If the new images in Apple’s recent update are anything to go by, we could soon have some fresh color variants of iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle arriving in the markets.

The recent iTunes update that embraced the Apple devices has lined up a handful of never-before shades of iPod variants.

The images were spotted in the 12.2 update of iTunes that came along with support for Apple Music.


Users who plug in to their iPods with the new update were welcomed with the image of a dark blue iPod Touch, a gold iPod Nano, and a dark pink iPod Shuffle device.

The color variants showcased have never been presented yet to the market, and users believe they could be soon stepping down to the markets. And there are reasons to believe too.

The last time Apple updated their iPod devices with a new tint was during September 2013. We are nearing two years since then and Apple might not want to further delay at least a visual upgrade to the device that still draws wide amuses among the mass.

A recent analysis has even placed the device atop Apple Watch in a list of interesting devices, despite descending down the sales graph due to the lack of upgrades.

Additional images in the new update have also brought about other new shades, which include silver, space gray, and red.

Reports are that the all the three iPods will be made available in the new six shades spotted. Users have even cracked a date for its release based on the Calendar icon on the iPod Touch, and that’s on July 14th.

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