Samsung to Usher in a String of Tizen Smartphones this Year

July 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It took a bit of time for the homegrown OS from Samsung to reach out to the markets. But now, Samsung is stepping up the game with a plan to introduce several new Tizen-operated smartphones under a varying price range.

The launch of Tizen OS from Samsung was believed by many to be a move that could shift their foothold from Android. It indeed arrived slightly with the delusion of pitching up to the levels of Android and iOS in the market.

However, it did manage to cross the figures of expectation in the developing markets, to where it was tossed.


Samsung Z1, the first Tizen-powered smartphone managed to snatch sales figures of over one million till in India alone, where it made its debut six months ago.

Besides, it also topped the charts during the first quarter sales in Bangladesh, and is also doing well in the market of Sri Lanka.

Speaking of the success, Asim Warsi, vice president for marketing, mobile and IT at Samsung India had noted that sales were above the expectation, following which they have planned to stack new successors in the array.

A gold colour variant of the smartphone will be the first to arrive in the market, which will be followed by a slew of other Tizen-operated smartphones that will be priced in the $125-$235 range. Samsung has however not commented yet .

The step-up in the price bracket also comes as the result of the rounds it did in the market. Analysts estimate that Z1 accounted to nearly 7% of the total share of smartphones during its period.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung can reach the notch again with the price lift.

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