Yahoo Said to be Running Google-Powered Search Trials

July 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The recent re-negotiations of Yahoo with Microsoft has handed them new possibilities in terms of their search result display, the result of which would be that we might soon witness Google-powered search results popping up in the Yahoo Window.

In an effort to reshuffle its search engine platform, Yahoo is reportedly carrying out the spadework to offer Google powered search engine in their search results.

 Spotted initially by Aaron Wall of SEO Book, the move was later confirmed by Yahoo. The company explained that it was a part of their routine hunt for various new partners to usher the Yahoo experience. “There is nothing further to share at this time” added the spokesperson for Yahoo.


Wall also managed to release some screenshots of the Google-powered Yahoo window, which apparently had a few tweaks from the Bing-powered window.

Those include fewer ad site-links, change in colors and interactive areas of ad sites, ad labels and also some other tweaks forming a closer bond to the Google window. Besides, the entire search reshuffle has also got reshuffled as per the screenshots.

The partnership deal between Yahoo and Microsoft was updated this April, granting further space for Yahoo in terms of their partnership hunt.


Accordingly, the new deal allows Yahoo to cut down Bing ads to 51%, allowing the rest to be filled by either Yahoo-owned Gemini Systems or from other partners.

Yahoo and Microsoft entered into the 10-year partnership deal back in 2010. The deal also comprises of a clause that lets Yahoo to relieve from the partnership following any dissatisfaction with the revenue conditions.

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