Lenovo Wants to Take You Back to the 90s with a Retro-ThinkPad

July 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember the initial attire that ThinkPad donned years ago? The thick-garb, multi-colored keyboards were charmers indeed. Lenovo is now bringing back the retro charm.

David Hill, the vice president of Lenovo, writes in his blog that the company is thinking of bringing in a new-gen ThinkPad, which would share a common lineage with the prime member of the family; the 700c ThinkPad.

Not that the current line of ThinkPad devices is far different from the older ones; the ThinkPad series is one of the few that’s maintaining an old-school relation, but Lenovo wants more than that.


That’s something that will really put you back to the 90s, or in their words: “landing in 1992 with a time machine, but loaded with modern armory”.

So how exactly does it want to be the closer sibling of its early ancestor? A classic 7-row keyboard with Enter key shaded in blue, multi-colored ThinkPad logo, rubberized paints, exposed screws and a stack of LEDs along with a ThinkLight, or even two; all these seem adequate enough to spawn the feel of handling a laptop from the 90s. And on top of that, it will be donning a retro-box design, a rather sleek one.

The model envisioned by the Lenovo VP would be brought about with a thickness of 18mm, instead of the bulky 56mm measurements it had during its birth. There will also be an aspect ratio of 16:10 to enthrall the present-day buyers, so it’s not an all-return affair.

Retro-return had indeed worked in many cases. Like in automotives, it worked well with the Mustang for Ford, Mini Cooper for Fiat and the like. But that’s with automotives; there are people who love the mechanical hearts even more than human ones.

The case of a laptop is different. Not all may love to do a U-turn with a gadget they rely the most in life. That’s why David Hill is seeking upon interests before entering into any conclusion with the retro ThinkPad.

He has welcomed suggestions regarding the retro Thinkpad in his blog. It’s not just to have a final nod, but even for ideas for its improvements can be scribbled down.

Only with the vast approval will we see any chance of the retro ThinkPads being put into production.

Even if that never materializes, chances are minimal for your contributions to not get noted, as Lenovo might still hear to your suggestions for the next in ThinkPad, although if not for a retro model.

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