Apple iPhone 6S Images Out in the Open

July 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A couple of months from now will have Apple clambering up the headlines with the next iteration of its iPhone.

The supposed debut of iPhone 6s device is expected to shape up during September.  But thanks to the internet world, we now get to spy on the device in the form of leaked images.

Leaked photos of the iPhone 6S have now emerged online; scrutiny of which reflects the closer lineage of upcoming devices with the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6S -2

Apple’s next device will follow the usual norms of the Cupertino company with the S branding, and that’s by leaving the exteriors untouched.

Going by the pictures, the iPhone 6S sticks close to the parent device in terms of looks, but reports are that the measurements may be enhanced marginally.

But we all know that doesn’t carry much weight, for it’s the inner attributes of the device the world is interested in. Rumors had earlier suggested that Apple will designate the S for Sensitivity this time with the inclusion of Force Touch.

The new info is that it might also add a new Qualcomm chip, boosting data speeds with LTE. That sounds like they are returning to the initial representation of S, akin to what we saw in the Phone 4S.


The new Qualcomm chip is supposed to double the speeds in iPhone 6S. The upload speed will remain the same, with the download speed expected to be around 225Mbps, double the rate at which the current range of iPhone devices perform.

Another alteration is focused on improving the battery life, for which the company has chipped off a bulky share from the mother board width.

And that would be arriving with the new power-management features and low-power mode of iOS9, which would make the debut alongside.

So there’s a much better scope for delight in the upcoming S iteration than it was with the previous versions.

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