YouTube Gearing Up to Bring in a Dedicated Game Page

June 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We finally have some word on the long-speculated gaming page from YouTube. It has been announced that the new YouTube Gaming website will get kick-started for gamers this summer.

With content from over 25,000 game titles, YouTube Gaming will form a dedicated page for launch videos, teasers, trailers and walkthroughs, and will also form the platform for live and exclusive streaming for all game-related videos.

youtube haming

Game developers and publishers will broadcast content on their respective channels similar to YouTube.

Users can subscribe to these channels, add game titles to their collections to be notified when new content pours in.

The service will also fetch up-to-date features from YouTube like streaming at 60fps and auto-conversion to YouTube videos.

Alongside, users can also skip the necessity to schedule their live event ahead of time to sync with the broadcast time, thanks to the tweaks from YouTube that will come to the services gradually.

Streams can also be shared using a single link in YouTube gaming. The webpage will also be made available in the form of apps once it begins the show this summer. There hasn’t been any word on an exact release date although.

Users can get into the new page to be notified once it shows up.

Rumors of a dedicated gaming page from YouTube was sparked during March, upon which the feature was believed to be Google’s take on Amazon’s Twitch.

Now as it takes shape, it certainly becomes the official rival for Twitch, which currently is undeniably the biggest player in the segment currently.

They are sure going to lock horns once YouTube lays its foothold upon the segment, but we do believe that would be a healthy one. At least that’s what their welcome tweet suggests.

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