Parrot’s New Batch of Drones Can Jump at Great Speeds and Sail across Water

June 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Night-roamers, jumpers and swimmers; that’s how the new batch of Parrot drones can be described. A set of 13 new drones have been unveiled by the drone masters and they include entirely new iterations as well as refined editions of its previous drones.

With the new additions, Parrot lets its drone to be maneuvered across even water.

The new Hydrofoil drone marries a mini-drone with a Hydrofoil, the one that keeps it going across the aqua surface.


With an adjustment that puts the wing upright to the water surface, the Hydrofoil transforms the mini-drone into a propeller to cruise along the water surface at speeds of 6.2 miles per hour.

In case you want some water-free action, you can detach the mini-drone from the Hydrofoil, letting you fly the drone at speeds of 11.18 mph, and at heights of up to nine meters.

VGA camera provided snaps images at 640 x 480, and can be stored in the 1GB on-board storage. All these come for a pricing $190.

Another addition is with the wide-angle dual LED lens, which now lets the drones to be maneuvered in nights. The new models introduced with these night-blinkers are Airborne Night Drone and Jumping Night drone.

The Airborne Night Drone is a new entry that features speeds of up to 11 miles per hour. Stability control is been provided to offer a steady flight.

The Night Drone also gets fitted with a VGA camera, which can snap up to 30 still images per second.

There is also a Airborne Cargo drone edition that features the same specs, but without any headlamps. It’s been priced at around $112, while the one with extra set of headlamps will cost you $145.

The Jumping Night Drone is the other model, which is just the Jumping Sumo drone retrofitted with dual-LED lights.

With a speed of 4.34 miles per hour, Jumping Night Drones can jump to heights of up to 2.62 feet. It’s also the costliest drone among the new additions and is priced at $224.

There is also another addition to the jumper series of drones; the Jumping Racer drone.

The one comes without any night-vision capabilities, but can run at double the speeds of Jumping Sumo and Night drones. It will cost the same amount as that of the Jumping Night drone.

Parrot has said the new batch of drones will be brought to the market by next month. And yes, it’s the smartphone app that serves as your remote, controlling these drones via Bluetooth technology.

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