Microsoft Surface Hub, the Future of Conference Rooms, Doesn’t Come Cheap

June 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We indeed knew that the giant conference tab from Microsoft would cost more than just a few dollars for businesses once it arrives.

Envisioned as the future display hub of conference rooms and works meetings, the Surface Hub is sure to bring a sheer advancement of work place inside the four walls of these rooms for businesses.

But businesses may have to invest a hefty sum if they need to bring the giant pen displays inside their work spaces.


Microsoft has officially announced the pricing for their two big Surface Hub  pen displays. The smaller 55-inch 1080p touch-screen tab has been priced at $7,000, while the 84-inch screen with speedy hardware and 4K display will draw out $20,000 from bank accounts.

They have also revealed the date of shipment, and it would be on 1st of July from which the giant display will start its journey to business rooms around the globe.

The pricing does sound a bit exaggerated although it comes with hefty specs. However, Microsoft believes that the new device will have its place in the desired areas right as soon as it starts to roll out.

In a way, the explanation sounds valid too. Large scale companies who are willing to spend nearly the same amount for conference room set-ups, which include projectors, audio and visual hardware and the like, would not mind splurging some extra cash to have all of it packed in one device.

Microsoft had announced the Surface Hub tabs back in January this year, and detailed demonstration was carried out a few weeks ago at Manhattan.

Interactions with the big display can be controlled via hand gestures, audio controls and even using a stylus.

Offering 100 points of multi-touch, the devices will feature dual HD-cams that are coupled with Kinect sensors for motion capturing – which is tying the knot with Surface tab technicalities for the first time.

With the power of Intel processors, the device can handle multi-tasking like video and audio conferences, notes and slides display and much more, all at the same time on the large display.

The bigger device sounds to be pitched out to large scale businesses, mostly in the fields of architecture, finances, and energy.

As with the case of smaller one, Microsoft will primarily be eyeing to lure the new and small start-ups, who would not bother to make some compromises with their conference demands.

We are not sure with the latter though. Things would get finalized once it gets loaded up for sale, and that would be the first day of next month.

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