iOS Beta Drops Hints of Major Overhaul in iPhone 7 Front-Cam

June 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s hard to slay an Apple rumor these days. Over the past few weeks, the grapevine buzz was about the upcoming iterations of iOS and Watch Kit for Apple’s smartwatch. Now that there’s nothing left to be revealed of these, headlines have already switched to the next big prospect to be rumored about; the next iPhone.

It’s indeed too early to predict any possible technicality inside the next iPhone. But that doesn’t mean rumors are to be put to rest.

The latest to have surfaced is the one that drops hints of a 1080p front-cam for the upcoming version. Before you wonder from where these stories arise, let us inform you the spark was ignited right by Apple.

Apple cam

Apple had been handing out the prime beta version of iOS to developers, and it took no time for the developers to crack the coding inside that suggested for a massive overhaul in the iPhone 7 front-cam.

That alone would serve as major revamp in the iPhone cameras, as even the rear-cam of the current devices haven’t fetched beyond 720p quality.

Apart from being the first to tap in a 1080p front-cam, iPhone 7 may be loaded by some more novel stuff as hinted by iOS9 beta coding. That includes a stunning 240fps slow-mo feature, and a front-facing flash alongside panoramic shoot.

If all these turn true, the front-facing camera would surpass even the rear-cams of iPhone 6, and that too not just by a marginal distance.

As said before, it’s too early to seek for any confirmation regarding the matter. Also to be noted that these form the coding of only the beta version of the upcoming OS; they can get emitted once the real version shows up.

However, previous editions of the iPhones do suggest that the camera segment remains a key area upon which Apple likes to rework on.

With the selfie-age parameter considered alongside, we cannot discard the possibility of these rumors turning true either.

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