8K Video Spurs YouTube, But Viewers aren’t Charmed

June 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We often stumble upon spam videos in social networking sites that vow to show us something, and in the end hand us something else.

The case of the new 8K YouTube video is not much different, except that there is no threat of being spammed or being malicious. But eventually, you don’t get what you are promised.

Ghost Town, the video that popped up recently, was the first to make it with 8K settings on YouTube.


The video was captured in Red Epic Dragon 6K camera and got later re-touched with Adobe’s After Effects for the transformation to 8K.

Although new, it’s not actually new in terms of the works behind. YouTube had made provisions for 8K videos back in 2010, but it was just during the beginning of this year that everything came into right place.

But what exactly has blocked the viral path of this video? It definitely promises to be astonishing, but only the rarest among the rare must have actually felt awestruck viewing the greatest video resolution available at this point of time.

That’s not to blame the video makers or the YouTube buffering, but it’s just that almost none possessed the hardware required to bring out 8K resolution in its full form.

It’s not that we don’t have displays supporting 8K (4320p) resolutions. Despite being a rarity, we still have some numbers in hand for those who possess 8K technologies.

Besides, it’s the extra bit of hardware required that puts this new resolution to be viewed by just a handful number of persons.

You could still watch the Ghost Town video in the current most cherished video resolution; the 2160p 4K resolution.

But to watch it in a resolution that’s four times better than 4K, you may still have to put yourself on a wait, unless you are the rarest of the rarest species to own the setup that’s demanded for an 8K hauling.

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