LG Ultra-thin OLED TV Model Can Stick to Walls

May 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since the curved displays and OLED established their hold across various products spheres, the tech world has been waiting eagerly for the next generation rigs the TV giants would bring forward.

And even before the speculations climbed the peak, LG has come up with an answer that’s quite beyond any expectation.

The South Korean electronic vendor has unveiled an ultra-thin OLED display measuring 55-inches diagonally. That’s not a measurement with which you could get awestruck.


And it’s the thickness that can absolutely bring you to a standstill. LG’s new display prototype measures less than 1mm in thickness, or 0.95 mm to be precise.

That’s by way far slimmer than the world’s slimmest phone available in the markets today. Or to have a better comparison, it just bears the size of a normal wallpaper or sticker you cling to your walls. And it’s not just with the size that LG’s prototype bears this resemblance.

You could even stick these TVs to your walls just like you do with a poster. A magnetic mat is all you require to post these TVs to anywhere you wish. You could even peel them off from the walls. Besides, it weighs just above 4 pounds.

LG’s prototype might just be the beginning of the TV revolution we might be about to witness, thanks to the OLED display. Although the technology is not novel to many of the vendors out there, LG is grabbing some upper hand over the rest.


Their new prototype sure is an outcome to their endeavor. While conventional LEDs beef up the TV experience with multiple layers of backings and lightings, OLED helps to merge all these under a single layer panel. And it’s just that LG has been too quick to forge such an outcome.

LG has previously unveiled 7 OLED models back in January, which will be lifting its production later this year. LG expects to sell around 600,000 units this year, which they hope to raise by 1.5million units next year.

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