Fove VR Headset Wants to Pioneer the Actual Virtual Reality Experience

May 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The virtual reality space is awaiting a big jump as it heads out to users this year. It’s indeed massive that the time frame involved has shown some steep rise with VR headsets, brought about by many vendors.

But if you look at them all, you would figure out that most of the current crop of gadgets do not veritably define the term virtual reality.

Starting from the Oculus Rift, almost all VR headsets demand the movement of your head to alter the field of view. To shift your eyeshot focus means you certainly cannot have it without swiveling your head, unless you rely on some external controls to have it shifted.


But that’s not the case in real-life, right? All it requires is to drag your eyeballs, which is exactly why Fove VR headset could be the next big thing from the field.

Fove, the world’s first eye-tracking display, will be grabbing your eyeball movements, which are subtle even up to 1/20 of a degree.

The display inside its 5.8-inch screen will be constantly chasing down the eyeball motion to swivel around the contents inside, making it the most authentic virtual reality device up to date.

Bringing about a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, the display also offers a 100-degree field of view.

Besides, Fove VR headset will help enhance the interaction with virtual reality world. As explained, these could blur out the areas where the focus doesn’t reach, making the display sit more close to a real-life sight.

Interactive environment can be nurtured further with features like making eye contact with in-game characters, aiming with your eyes and many more.

With what’s claimed, Fove definitely sounds the right move in raising the notch for VR headsets to reach upon. But it won’t be up in the field straight away.

Currently, the device is being crowd-funded on Kickstarter , where it’s inching closer to the target fund. Around 400 pieces are now available for being backed at the price of $375, which would hand you the VR headset as well as a developer kit. Shipping is estimated to be commencing by May 2016, upon which the prices will rise to $399 a piece.

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