Wi-Fi Support, Emojis, Wrist Gestures and More; New Android Wear Update Brings in Awesomeness

May 22, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Google tags the next Android Wear update as ‘imminent’, we never thought what would come about would be so great.

The rival platform running in the Apple Watch has seen the first update a month ago. Further, the time seems right enough to drag the core of attention from Apple Watch to Android.

The role played by LG’s Watch Urbane remains sizeable. That’s precisely the reason why the latest update of Android Wear was available out of the box in those.

lg watch

But the latest news is that the update will soon be embracing the remaining smartwatches, with Google already having dispatched the updates to some devices.

Android’s latest Wear update packs some beefy upgrades, the most noted one being Wi-Fi support.

Apart from the Bluetooth connection, smartphones can now be synced with your smartwatches using a Wi-Fi bond. But not all devices will have the support rolled out initially.

Currently only LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360, Samsung Gear and Sony Smartwatch 3 can establish the Wi-Fi relation with your smartphones.

Other devices packing a Wi-Fi chip, like LG G Watch R, can be expected to offer the support in future.

People having the upgrade can also now draw the emojis on your smartwatches to have your device recognize the emoji automatically for you.

Apps and contacts can now be brought to the screen by swiping left, and this comes along with the addition of other wrist gestures for various apps.

The always-on feature which was available for your screen now can be turned on even when inside an app.

Apart from these additions, the new update will also bring a new screen lock customization, font size customization and heads-up display that will pop-up notifications regardless of what’s being displayed on the screen.

Google says that the update will soon be rolled out to the devices in coming weeks. It can be expected the update will be first rolled out to LG G Watch and LG G Watch R devices as reports suggest the touchdown of the update for several G Watch users as of now.

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