Sony’s PlayStation Now Services to Hop on to PS3 Consoles Next Week

May 9, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every time Sony takes a step in the direction of its modern day platform, a beat is skipped in the hearts of PS3 console adherents. But here’s something from Sony that will soothe their ears.

Starting this May 12, PS3 users in the US will be able to lay their hands on the older console and check out the PS Now streaming services on it.

The stepping down of Sony’s game stream feature to the older console generation was announced officially in their blog, putting an end to rumors on the same that had been echoing since its launch.


PlayStation Now services were introduced in the PS4 consoles, along with select Sony TVs, letting users to stream PS3 titles over the Net. More than 100 such game titles will be made available when it embarks on its journey on PS3 console.

The subscription to PS Now services has its prices commencing from $20 if you are to have access to multiple titles. Users could also stream single game, for which users would have to pay $1.99 to enjoy four hours of gameplay.

For the fresh folks among the service subscribers, Sony has also got a seven-day trial period running in case you want to try it out before flushing out the cash.

Alongside, Sony has also listed out the new titles that will be added to PS Now collection. Fat Princess, Farming Simulator, Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force, Sanctum 2 and F1 2014 are the games that will be joining the PS Now list of titles in May. More titles are expected to be raked in by Sony in the following months.

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