Google Scales Up Now Card Services with Integration of 70 New Apps

April 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The measure of quick and direct access for relevant info from Google now has got dilated. The Now Cards, a seemingly easier way of having access with your most referred concerns, has now been integrated with various new apps to get you in touch with even more pertinent info.

As explained in the blog, Google says they have integrated the Now Cards feature with 70 new apps. Those range from services that deal with travelling, music and videos to live scores,  fitness, e-commerce and almost every other stuff under the Android roof. The full list can be viewed here.


Certain criteria are used by Google to display the cards you require, which is based on your web and app activity, device info like contacts and messaging, location history etc. It is now among these app services to which Google Now expands the card feature. Some of the apps newly included are ABC News, Circa, Runkeeper, Jawbone, Adidas, etc.

Google Now Cards work upon the app syncing in your devices to track down the details that bothers most for users. Google Now will put up various cards you prefer, like popping up the time required to get back to your home from work, or displaying the live scores during a match.

It also covers various other details like listing out the suitable playlist for you, which is done with the help of app syncing from services like NetFlix, YouTube and the lke. Users could customize which cards to get displayed, although being not able to change when to display these cards.

Google has added that work is progressing so as including more apps with Now Card services to extend their functionality.

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