Xiaomi Debuts Compact, Yet Powerful Edition of Mi 4 in India

April 29, 2015, By Alex Badinici

The past few days had witnessed the Chinese Apple stirring up the buzz for its upcoming device, teasing the product on its social account in its way through.

Yeah, we are talking of Xiaomi. The device is finally out in the open. And it’s the compact version of their latest flagship that was kept under the hat.

The new Mi 4i has been launched globally by Xiaomi , and the company has said that the new device would have the Indian market as the cornerstone for its sales, with the design parameters of the device being forged with an emphasis on the Indian market. The name of the phone itself holds a reference to this, and reads Mi 4i (Mi for India).


The 5-inch smartphone is a compact variant of the Mi 4 smartphone, spec-wise. The display brings out the same stunning features of its elder sibling with the 5-inch size and 1080 Full HD display.

The innards of the smartphone feature a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor (quad-cores of 1.7 GHz and 1GHz speeds), which is accompanied by a RAM of 2GB. The camera is kept the same with 13MP rear shooter and 5MP front cam, with the rear snapper shifted to the left, like what we saw in the Mi3.

The compact device doesn’t offer any room for expansion with the storage. The 16 GB inbuilt memory is all you get for storing your data on Mi 4i. The device is run by a Li-Ion 3120 mAh battery, and will also be offering the Android 5.0 L experience out of the box.


Mi 4i will have its sales commenced on April 30th, through the exclusive sales window on Flipkart in India as it was with the previous Xiaomi devices. The device is set for a price of Rs 12,999, and will be available in five colors: Black, White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink.

Xiaomi has said that it has no intention to release the newbie in their homeland. However, Mi 4 would have its touchdown on other crucial markets like Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand, probably by the late months of this year.

Realizing the importance of its second biggest market after homeland China, it also said that the market in India would be pillared with the set-up of new data centers across the country, making sure the data exchange between the smartphone users and servers do not cross international boundaries.

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