Technology Giants Extend Helping Hand to Tremor-Torn Nepal

April 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The world is weeping for Nepal. As the devastating earthquake and the aftershocks left thousands dead and more homeless, the world nations are sending in relief and helping n rescue operations.

The socially committed Microsoft Corp has also chipped in by announcing that Skype calls to and from Nepal will now be free.

According to the announcement, Skype calls to landlines and cellphones in and out of Nepal will be free of charge, with immediate effect.


This move comes as part of the company’s $1-million donation drive for Nepal. The amount includes cash, technology and services.

The company has said in its Disaster Response blog that it is in direct conversations with government officials, nonprofits and businesses in Nepal to ascertain the best deployment of its technology in Nepal at the moment.

The company is committed to assess how Microsoft technology and people can help in rescue and relief efforts in the totally shaken nation.

Apart from Microsoft, other technology majors such as Google have also extended a helping hand to the tremor torn Asian nation.

Google has actually opened its Person Finder tool to help in the relief efforts. Google is charging 1 cent instead of 19 cents to phone numbers in Nepal through Google Voice.

Network carrier companies such as T-Mobile and Sprint are also helping Nepal by making texting and calling free to numbers in Nepal. Social media major Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature and has called upon users to donate.

Another conglomerate to aid in relief operations is Apple, which has struck a deal with American Red Cross to encourage iTunes users to donate to the needy in the quake affected region.

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