Say Hello to Facebook Hello; the new Caller ID and Dialer App for Android

April 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There is much to the creative department of Facebook rather than just being cushioned at the top spot among the social networking platforms. They are churning out almost everything possible from the accessible departments of Android OS.

Testimony to those are apps like Home launcher, Messenger services and other dedicated ones such as Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Slingshot.


The latest has now been pulled off the box by the developers, and it makes use of the dialer access in Android OS. Called Hello, Facebook’s new dialer app has been listed now in the Play Store, and is brought forward as a caller ID app.

The new app will let you run through the normal features offered by a dialer, letting you carry out calls, editing contacts and creating new, sending messages etc. The difference here is that Facebook remains the base for all these activities.

Say, you want to send an instant message from your dialer. Normal dialers would pop-up a text messaging window on your display, whereas Hello will fetch the Facebook Messenger app to send the instant messages. The same stuff works with the free calls, which will be processed by means of the Messenger app.

Similarly, the caller ID feature also relies on the Facebook info of the caller. Users could access the profile and pages of a caller with the help of Hello, but only if the caller has decided to share his/her Facebook details to the public, or at least with his friends. Unless that’s the case, users will be deprived of the caller details, which is a step down when compared with other similar apps like Truecaller.

Facebook has also announced that their new app will allow users to block unwanted calls, which also works quite differently from the rest.

Users can deny the calls from commonly blocked numbers or other unwanted numbers, which however will be carried forward to the voicemail. So incase if you want to access what’s in the blocked numbers, you could still have them in the recent call list.

Facebook has launched the app exclusively for Android devices. But don’t be in a rush to try the app, as Hello is currently compatible only for the regions of the US, Brazil and Nigeria. We do hope the app to be rolled out globally soon by the social networking giant.

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